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How to lay our tiles down

Before you lay the tiles down

Our cement tiles are hand-made products: each of them is a unique piece.

Do keep in mind that tiles are the last pieces to be layed during the construction or renovation of a place.

Before completing that, we do advise to complete a precise wedging before assembling the pieces either with unique colours or patterns, in order to display the shades in harmony and assemble correctly the patterns together.


Our tiles need seals between 1 and 2 mm thick.

They tolerate seals between 0.5 and 1.5 mm thick.

As the fitting and treatment of the tiles is not under our control, we decline any responsibility in case of faults.

Micro-cracks can appear on some tiles, also called faïençage, this is a natural process that do not affect the lasting of a cement tile. Variations in the shades and colours can also appear on our tiles linked to the natural evolution of pigments.

Shades, effects, marbling and so on, are regular evolutions of authentic, natural and hand-made products, the very essence of our cement tiles.


1. 1. On a plain surface, make a humid cement mortar screed 2 or 3 cm thick maximum (0.78 or 1.18 in).

2. Lay the tiles down the ancient way : lay the tiles as you display the mortar screed, and level before the cement screed hardens.

3. Lay the tiles on ceramic cement you have previously spread over the screed and level them through a strong pressure of your hand. The top of the tile can be humidified when layed down.

  • Never hit the tiles with a maillet.
  • Never soak the tiles with water.

Laying with

1. On a strong base, dry and leveled, spread a thick layer of glue-mortar so to even the surface.

2. Use either a comb or a clout with square teeth that will determine the flatness of your support.

3. Also glue the tile so to ease the laying and adapt the level of the tile with a strong pressure of your hand.

  • Never hit the tiles with a maillet.
  • Never soak the tiles with water.


  • After the tiles are layed down, you shall wait 48 hours before sealing them together.

You may use a damp-proofing mortar either white or grey to seal the tiles together.

  • We do not advise the use of coloured seals for our tiles.

Clean the stone floor as you display the seal with a squeegee or a sponge.

  • Warning: do not use acid to clean the cement tiles.


When the stone floor and the seals are dry, you may clean them:

- For large surfaces, use a mono-brush (green disc)

- For shorter surfaces, use very slim sandpaper (000).


Spread over dry and clean tiles many layers of sealer until completed.

Do not overload with sealer and carefully wipe the spare.